Audio in custom flashcards (Pitch accent)

I’m sorry for bringing this up again, but
Audio has become pretty important for me in my deck, and audio isn’t currently available for custom flashcards. I’m currently integrating pitch accent into my studies, and audio is pretty important for that.
I don’t know why there is audio for normal flashcards, but not custom. I know developing stuff can have a lot of weird complications which the users ain’t aware of.

I know I’ve already brought this up, but I wanted to just stress the fact that audio is pretty important. If it’s an easy fix, I’d appreciate it a lot if you could maybe look into it. Sorry if I’m coming off as needy, but I had to ask.


The difference is mainly in custom cards having dynamic fields and potentially having full sentences (or more sentences) as a value.

So this makes it a little bit more difficult to add, but you’re right in it being important to add soon!


I don’t have audio on my custom cards too, but what you can do is install yomichan (there’s a pitch accent dictionary too, very handy), and it usually has the audio for the words, unless they are very rare :smile:


The auto-audio generated in the cards are not reliable pitch-accents to shadow off of, the intonations are all over the place. They drive my in-house native nuts when I play them. You would be much better integrating native content sound files or even better, just use Subs2Kitsun which is guaranteed native and integrated in a context with a sentence structure (plus a pro actor with inflection and not a language learner resource just reading sentences off a page).