Audio Clipping on Firefox

All the audio has been clipping when using the Firefox browser. I downloaded and investigated one of the mp3s in audacity, but the file played back fine and the waveform showed no clipping.

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Sorry for the late reply. Is this issue still happening?

If so, could you let me know which browser version, which deck(s) and which OS you use? I’ll check it out as soon as possible :slight_smile:

I have it happening on the Katakana 4.5k and the Kitsun N3 deck—all the current decks I’m using.
Browser is Firefox version 98.0.2
OS is Windows 10 Pro, Version 21H2, Build 19044.1586

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Thanks, going to look into it asap :slight_smile:

So far I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on Firefox for MacOS, taking a look in a bit on Windows.

Just to be sure, with clipping audio you mean the audio sound is getting distorted and such? Or do you mean that it cuts off earlier than expected?

Yeah, lots of crackling and popping.

Does it happen with any other website? I did see a few general bug reports from firefox users about audio clipping lately, unrelated to Kitsun.

That said, I’m going to try it right now so I’ll let you know!

I just updated Firefox on my windows desktop and can definitely hear the crackling in some audio when comparing it to the Chrome browser playback.

I’ll go check Safari too, but it looks like it’s a browser specific bug that might have been introduced by one of their latest updates? Kitsun has not changed anything regarding audio playback in the past half year or more and I see no error messages or anything in the console either…

I will check if there is anything I can do to prevent it from happening, but I’m getting the feeling it’s something on their end.