Audio cards and number of cards

Hello :slight_smile:
Have two questions…in the 10k deck how can I listen to an audio card without using the mouse to click on the arrow and the using it again to type the answer? is there a key combination?
And I’m creating an exposure deck, how can I see the number of cards I have in it? I can see the review but I can’t see where the number of cards is :confused:

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With audio card I assume you mean a card without an input? By default the hotkeys for flip cards (non-input cards) are space to flip, 1 to mark correct and 2 to mark incorrect (at the backside). For input cards you can just press enter to continue after typing your answer.

Note that it is different for flip cards during actual lessons. There you can just use enter to advance the lessons or use the arrow keys to go back and forth.

Most hotkeys can be customized on the user settings page which can be accessed from the side menu.

If you hover over a rank in the progress bar on the deck dashboard you can see a tooltip pop up. That tooltip also shows the total number or cards in the deck (minus filtered or hibernated cards).

I’ll be adding a more obvious card count to the deck dashboard soon :slight_smile:

Actually I meant Audio with input, as when you click to listen to a word and then you have to type in what you hear (meaning or reading) :confused: I can click space to listen to the card and then input the answer, right?

Ah, I’ve seen the bar now :slight_smile:

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Ah I see what you are getting at. If you want to play audio without losing focus on the input, you can bind the audio hotkey to a F1-F12 key. This way you don’t have to reclick anything. Some F keys have browser actions assigned to it by default, so you might have to test which keys don’t have that (I believe F4 doesn’t have it).

Another option is to enable audio autoplay for the front through the deck settings :slight_smile:


I just recognized your name from the WK forums, does your issue with being asked the same card multiple times still occur?

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I’ll try t autoenable then :eyes: well I have still that impression in some review session, I don’t know why :cold_sweat: it seems I answer the same question again and again…I thought maybe it depends on the items I awakened from both sentence and vocabulary desks in the 10K? Because the exposure deck works fine :face_with_monocle:

As for the decks again, if I awaken one word, should I awaken it both from the vocabulary and the sentence decks? Are they two different decks even in the same 10K deck and the same word is contained in both of them?

They are two different cards in the same deck. One card focuses on readings, meanings and production (eng -> jp) while the other focuses on audio and context sentence. I’d say it is a good thing to awaken both cards since they test different aspects and reinforce eachother :slight_smile:

I’d really like to see what is happening for you in regards to the duplicate reviews. Is it during reviews or during lessons or during the quiz section of the lessons? I would be very grateful if you could record a gif or video of what is happening (or screenshots of the cards and answers).

If you can’t its also totally fine though, then I’ll just try my best to reproduce the problem :slight_smile:

It’s during reviews :eyes: I’ll try to do that :eyes:

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