App feature for putting words to the front of the deck

I do most of my reviews on the desktop. But I am loving the app since the notifications keep reminding me of the reviews I have to do when I am lazying out hehehe.

There is one feature that I miss on the app and I wish could be implemented.

I like to put words to the front of my deck when I learn them in class or when I come upon them on a book or something. This normally happens when I am away from my computer so I have to write down words and remember to put them to the front before I do new lessons. I really wish I could do that on the app, if there was a quick way for me to just access the deck and mark a specific word that I just learned so it will show up next time I do lessons. I think that is a super cool quick interaction with the deck feature that would make a lot of sense to be on the app!

Anyway, thank you always for the hard work!!

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I’m not sure how much of the deck manager will be integrated into Kistun app…some thing are just better for the desktop but some basics would be nice. If helpful the Kistun PWA is still available; I use it for all things necessary in the deck manager when on the go.


Having the card management table or something similar in the app is definitely on my to-do list. This would then include the “add to front of lesson queue” action for sure ^^

One thing I am not sure about is whether all phones can handle loading in such big amount of data or not, but I think it should be fine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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