API Plans: StreamDeck review button

Typing up plans for using the Kitsun API once it’s available, per https://knowledge.kitsun.io/articles/Is-there-a-public-API

I’m working on plugins for StreamDeck that show the number of current reviews, refreshes every 10 minutes, and pressing the button automatically takes you to the relevant site in the browser to be able to start reviewing. I’ve got this working for Wanikani, Bunpro, and just need to add Kitsun to have all 3 of my study resources.

All I need is the current review count, nothing more.

Please don’t look at my Wanikani number :grimacing:

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Whoa this is really cool! I don’t have a StreamDeck but I bet this is incredibly handy. It also probably does a really good job of reminding you to do them.

Out of curiosity, how much was your StreamDeck? :thinking:

looks at the WK number :eyes:

Very cool idea! I don’t have a Stream Deck either, but it looks pretty nifty :smiley:

$150, definitely pricey but I also stream to Twitch so multi-use. They have a smaller 6-button one that’s around $80, and you can do folders as well so probably more useful for someone getting it for fun.


So… I know this will probably break at some point so I don’t plan to publish this anywhere, but I went ahead and got it working anyways with Kitsun.

Doing a POST /profile/login to login, then GET /general/home to get the review count. Looking forward to a stable API!



That’s the internal API and it probably won’t change much anymore for those endpoints, so I don’t expect it to break :smiley:

I’ll let you know once a public API is up and running ^^

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