Any good course for remembering Kanji?

I used for example, for some time something like Kanji Garden, that separates Kanji into their components to make it simpler to remember.

I wonder if there is any thing like that in Kitsun IO.

I saw this deck recently, it’s pretty majestic and one of the nicest builds I’ve seen.

It does upload to Kitsun however the production layout breaks and a few features break such as the hint overlay. Otherwise, it is functional if kept to flip cards only no production layout. I’m sure someone here with the skills could definitely tune it to make it Kitsun-friendly, it would be a great addition to have.

Not necessarily recommending or promoting as I’m sure most know already, there are other mnemonic decks on the Anki boards if you look which could be uploaded here. Also if you build your own kanji cards within Kitsun, the card automatically builds a radical so you can make your own story in the mnemonic value. Quite a few users are from WK so may have been less demand (but I did post the LL deck here which includes mnemonic and radical breakdown - but it’s really just for WK users for the last Joyo list)