Adding fields to community decks?

Hi, is there any way to add a field to a community deck as a hint to narrow down the expected answer? For example, WaniKani Reversed has 2 cards Mother/Mom, one of them expects はは and the other expects おかあさん. It could be nice to mark them as “casual” and “polite”. I see that the 10K Kitsun deck puts such hints in “subtitle” field (and it has a lot more fields in general), but WK Reversed doesn’t have this field. I tried to put casual/polite in the notes field, but they’re not shown.

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When you mention notes field, I believe you mean the personal notes field? I believe that field is only shown on the backside. It would be nice to have a hint field to put somewhere on the front. I’ll take a look and check if it’s possible to add such a field.

Yes, I tried personal notes but they’re not shown together with the question. The 10K deck does it nicely by putting hints into the Subtitle field, so this functionality already exists, but not available for every deck.