Add personal notes to community decks & Promote vocab

I struggle to learn with SRS unless I first attach a memory to a word- similar to the way that mems are used on memrise- to boost recall until I know the word well enough to abandon it.
Being able to add or edit a section on community decks with personalised notes for each word would completely solve this issue.

Edit: Figured out how to use the synonyms and notes section properly! It would be great if you could add the notes section to community deck layouts yourself but the green icon popout is good enough for me.

Promoting vocab is also a feature I’d appreciate to rank up words I already know without hibernating and completely forgetting about them.


Hi @Tsukeoni, welcome! :smiley:

You can add personal notes and synonyms through the popup that can be accessed during reviews and lessons by clicking on the round button with the pencil icon. Green indicates an existing synonym or note, blue is when there is none yet.

Synonyms entered there will act as your own personal accepted answers and will be marked as correct when filled in.

As you can see in the first screenshot (which was taken after filling in the synonyms/notes field) なに was now accepted as an answer, and the personal note also shows up on the card at the notes section.

The creator of the layouts of the card can choose where they want the personal notes and synonyms to show up. In some cases the creator of the deck/layouts did not include it yet. Which community deck are you using?

Hope that clear things up a little!


Thank you @Neicudi !

Sorry for posting a thread about something I was just completely missing :sweat_smile: I didn’t realise I could type in that box when it gave me a drop-down, which made me think I had to add them in the notes area instead. I’m using the hinekidori genki deck right now which I don’t think has space for notes, but the colour coding on the icon will be helpful regardless!
Another quick question/potential feature request would be if you can manually rank things up instead of hibernating them if you ready know certain vocab, and don’t want to completely get rid of reviews in the future in case you do forget them?

Thanks again!


No worries! That’s what the forum is for :smile:

Perhaps @hinekidori (creator of the genki deck) is open to adding the personal notes to his layouts :slight_smile:

Regarding manually promoting cards to a higher level:

It wouldn’t be hard to implement, and its something I considered ever since demoting cards was implemented, but I’m a bit reluctant to add it because it can encourage “cheating”. Like when you finish a review session and see the incorrectly answered items, you might be tempted to click on them and promote them…

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Yeah, I get what you mean… Maybe you could implement it so that it can only be used in lessons, and not in the reviews or deck settings?

So if you get introduced to a word you already know, you can promote it to whatever level you think it’s at, but after that you’d only be able to either demote it in the settings or review it properly to rank it up again, or something like that?


Hmm, maybe it would be fine for items that are unlearned or at level 1 (lesson done). I’ll put it on the feature requests list for later :smile:

Thanks for your suggestion by the way!

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Thank you!!
I’m glad my suggestion could be of help!