Add Card to Reviews Without Lesson?

I know I just did a feature request and we’re about to have a big update after all the feature requests are done–sorry for the inconvenience!! Please feel free to table this until a later date.

I would like to have a way that you can mark cards to be reviewed without ever having to do a lesson for them. A big, big majority of the cards I have are terms I’ve already “learned” elsewhere: that is, I was introduced to it and became generally familiar with it. It’d be nice to have a way to use the card manager in order to mark cards to be added to reviews without having to go through the lesson process. Requiring lessons is ofc great when using decks that aren’t your own, since it introduces you to the cards, especially ala wani kani style when it’s terms you don’t already know, but I’m sure I’m not the only one where the majority of the time, when I add a card to one of my decks, it’s because I want to start studying it immediately, rather than wait for it to come through the circulation, so going through the lesson process is just an extra step in the workflow.


It could be something useful for the known words system. The choice to mark some of them as “known”, but have them going around on the SRS.


I wouldn’t mind adding this in at some point ^^ I’ll put it on the backlog list :smile: