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It’s counterproductive to show everything about an item after the review when you answer correctly. If it asks for the reading of the word and you get it correctly, it shows you all the info on it. And then when it asks for you meaning you already know it cause you read it earlier unintentionally. I don’t know if this can be changed in the settings, the website is quite complicated to use.

Hi @daniellacda, welcome!

There’s actually two built-in ways to counter this problem. During reviews you can click on the lightning icon (top-right of screen). This will skip the backside of cards that are answered correctly.

Another solution is to enable “Blur Spoilers” in the deck settings. Although this is rather dependant on whether the deck creator (or template creator in most cases) supports this functionality in their templates.

The default Kitsun templates support this setting, so if the card flips to the backside, it will blur out the possible “spoilers” like the meaning. In that case, clicking on the blurred text or pressing the associated hotkey (can be changed on the user settings page) will show it.

That’s great! Thank you, I’ll try it out :heart:

Something that could be fixed is the number of lessons outstanding should sync after the settings have been changed. For example, most decks by default begin with 5 lessons per day. If I go and change that to 1 lesson per day in the settings before having done any lessons, the system will still tell me that I have 5 outstanding lessons. Ideally it would reflect the change on the day it was changed.