Ability to select the audio of the video

I wasn’t sure whether to file it as bug or not. If the file has dub as the 1st audio it’s impossible to select the next one that is native and the file becomes useless.

I would like to thank you for the feature itself, it has a very high potential and already allows to use yomichan or similar plugins with it, something standalone players or tailored tools like Voracious don’t do. Fits into Cure Dolly approach which I would like to explore. If Voracious like features were added to it as well as ability to make a card for a given word within the Kitsun it could top other services that allow watching anime alike with native subtitles.

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Hmm, I’ll add it to the list. Seems like a handy feature to have.

Thanks for the compliment! I have plans to create a yomichan-esque chrome extension for Kitsun (to quickly generate cards from selected words) at some point between the redesign and the mobile apps.

Having the ability to generate specific vocab cards from the video page itself is also already on the todo list :smiley: What other features (from Voracious and such) would you like to see?


Would be nice to have a mode that works the following way: an interval of one subtitle plays, the playback pauses, and when the user is ready he reveals the foreign subtitle (I guess on both spacebar press and left mouse click, or maybe just a UI button will suffice, Idk), then 2nd subtitle if there’s one, then when the user is ready the similar way he can proceed to play the next section, or repeat the current one. It also would be nice to be able to set it to always show the subtitles, in other words to cut the middle action off.

Another handy feature would be the ability to adjust the timing of subs, both of them separately of course.

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Thanks for the suggestions! The first one sounds pretty fun :smile:

The second one is already implemented actually. You can adjust the subtitle timings separately using the plus and minus buttons. Each press will add or remove 0.5s to the subtitle track.

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I should have noticed, don’t know how I missed it… well, nice!

And by selected do you mean something different from yomichan-like show on hover mode?

And one more thing: please, make subtitles displayed in fullscreen mode selectable.

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Not completely sure yet, but I was thinking about the following:

Select some word -> small popup shows above the word with the definition/button to create a card. Doing it for every hover would be a bit too taxing on the server I think… (yomichan etc use local databases, something I kinda want to avoid).

I think it currently doesn’t show any subtitles while the video is in fullscreen mode? I didn’t find a reliable way to do so so far.

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It might fit better if you want to avoid distracting yourself much with reading dictionary definitions, often you understand the word more or less from context and would like to clarify the meaning when you encounter it next time you do SRS not while you engrossed in anime.

it does!

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Ah those look like the default subtitle track elements for the video, you’re right that those aren’t selectable. The ones displayed in non-fullscreen mode are actually html elements that Kitsun renders on top, which is why you can select those, and not the fullscreen ones. (Hopefully that makes sense haha)

I tinkered a bit with anki’s html and css back then and made my anki card render ruby above the typeans, so it actually does make some sense… You probably don’t want to make changes to the player’s code as it’s bothersome or something…

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I have some more ideas for you to consider, I hope much I don’t seem too 図々しい. The ability to generate and toggle on and off furigana, I have thought that it might be not needed as there’s audio “furigana” already, boy I was wrong.

The other feature is the one that was present in Rikaisama and lack of which in Yomichan alike is the cause much grief to Cure Dolly sensei, and me too: getting J-J definitions from https://www.sanseido.biz/ Daily Concise Japanese Dictionary, they are actually concise and thus suitable for SRS even compared to Daijisen ( used by https://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/ ), which still has 10+ definitions for some albeit very few words.

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Don’t worry, suggestions are always very welcome!

You can already add furigana by using the furigana syntax in the field:


would translate into


you can also use fullwidth {} instead of the []. I haven’t checked yet whether the layout fields are enabled for furigana though, but if I recall correctly they are.

Or did you mean that Kitsun should generate the furigana on the fly instead of you filling it in manually?

Sadly, I don’t see any available API that I could use to get the data. Scraping the data isn’t a viable option for Kitsun either :\

On the fly and for subs. Voracious does it. I’ve just realized that perhaps it’s not a pressing issue for Kitsun as there are already browser addons for generating furigana. Insert Furigana addon seems to work ok. I haven’t considered using an addon b/c of the inertia of thought, treating the player as a standalone not a web-based one. On the other hand you were planning on developing a mobile app, weren’t you…

are there issues even if it’s done on the client side? sad!, well at least consider adding the links to Sanseido definitions in the pop-up window

This feature would definitely fall outside of the mobile apps scope :wink:

Well the way I envision it is that all calls go to the kitsun server, which returns the definitions just like the current dictionary feature works. The reason I want to do it like that is because it doesn’t require any setup from the user side. So no need to find a database file and manually add it like most of these plugins require. Scraping a website from within an official Kitsun extension might not be the best course of action legally speaking.

Links should be fine of course :slight_smile:

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makes sense, although I do to some extent like reading Japanese on smartphone display b/c due to much higher ppi Japanese fonts look much better. Doubt it would be good for subs for smartphones, furigana is half the size and either it’s too small or it would take the take the size of the whole frame or you increase furigana size only to have weird spaces between kanji and if one so desires he can always use his phone browser, isn’t he.

By the way I think half-width katakana serves so much better as furigana than the used usually hiragana, it’s more readable and small sizes and it takes half-less width, thus one kanji would be able to hold up to 4 kana characters.