Ability to add sentences in the autogenerate cards from Jisho feature

I really like this autogenerating cards from Jisho feature, it makes adding new words to the deck so much easier, but there is one thing that i would really want to add here to make it even more easier.
When you click generate flashcard thing, you can’t add here sentence from where you found this word:

For now, to add sentence you must go to the My cards -> refresh for new word to appear -> add sentence, it would be way more handy if you could do it directly from the autogenerating window.
You can also do it from Custom flashcard thing, but i didn’t find it much usefull since you need a lot of time to match all the fields every time.


Every time? I think it works as a cookie, so the fields are always already connected after the 1st save. Mine are like that, I simply click next.

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Actually, true :thinking: tho you still need to do 2 more clicks in that case but well yeah now i’m not sure if it worth to put it Generate card thing as well


I think it’s a good idea to add the “sentence” field to the default generation popup. I’ll put it on the list! :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion!