2020-2021 Lifetime Sale - Kitsun Holiday Season & One Year Anniversary Sale! 🎉

Hey everyone!

To celebrate the one year anniversary since the launch of Kitsun (beta not included) and the holiday season being upon us, Kitsun lifetime memberships are currently on sale!

The sale is $50 off, making the total for a lifetime account $149.99. A steal if I may say so myself :wink: It becomes even less if you are already on a monthly or yearly subscription as it prorates the time left :slight_smile:

It will run from today until the 6th of January. So be sure to grab it before that if you are interested!

There’s a lot of exciting news and features coming up early next year, starting with the expansion of the Kitsun team! Kitsun will continue to grow and become even better with the addition of new members. But more information on that later :smiley:

Last but not least, I am really grateful to everyone who has supported Kitsun and wish you all happy holidays and hope to see you around in the next year as well! :smiley:

P.s. If you think you might be a good fit for the Kitsun team or have an expertise or business that might be beneficial for us both, then don’t hesitate to contact me either through PMs on this forum or at jobs@kitsun.io

Some example positions:

  • Support Member
  • Content Creators
  • Marketeers
  • Blogger

These positions are either part-time, internship or pay per work based depending on the position.


Oh wow, I didn’t know this website was only a year old (since beta)! It’s super legit for that amount of time, I can’t wait to see the future of Kitsun as a learning tool!

Happy new years in advance! :partying_face:


How is the proration calculated?
For me after 8 months subscription it’s less than 1$ discount is it correct?

I really like Kitsun and thinking about buying lifetime


Hey @eran!

It depends on your current subscription type. If you have a yearly subscription then it means it should prorate around 4 months as that is what you already paid for but have yet to use. If you have a monthly subscription, then it will calculate the days left. In that case ~$1 could be correct.

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After some deliberation I have finally decided to take the plunge. Like many others, I learned of this place from the power of the almighty Crabigator. Like some too, I have tried Anki before, but it just doesn’t seem to stick in the same way as WaniKani does. With Kitsun.io though, after a bit of playing around I feel like I already find myself at home, if that makes sense.

I don’t think I will be using the platform much at the moment though (because my hands are looking to be quite full this year, and adding another SRS to my routine, at least actively, is probably not the most sensible thing.) For that reason, I was actually thinking, at first, that maybe I could wait to see how the development of Kitsun.io will go for another year before committing. In the end however I believe, from what I have already seen, that there will only be greater things to come. Learning can wait (at least a bit for the moment), but if I can afford it, I’d rather express my appreciation for all your hard work and my belief in the future potential of the site now.

That’s probably a roundabout way of saying ‘Anki doesn’t work for me but Kitsun.io seems to be, and I believe in you and your work, so take my money!’. Or maybe just a random excuse to say nice things around New Year’s time? (and on that note, a belated Happy New Year!).


Hey @ForgottenRock! Welcome to Kitsun!

I hope it will serve you well in your (future) studies! :smiley: I personally also had the same issue with Anki, which is why I created Kitsun in the first place. After that it grew in features and now has quite some tools to distinguish it from Anki (and Wanikani) :slight_smile:

I have no doubt that Kitsun will grow and mature even further, especially with the team expanding very soon, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of people like you. So I’m really grateful to you for supporting Kitsun! Really appreciate it!


I just noticed this announcement, I wish I knew about Kitsun and WK earlier :smiley:
Too bad I couldn’t benefit of the sales, but that didn’t stop me from taking the lifetime subscription as I plan to use Kitsun for a long time and would like to support. Great UI/UX, nice community and decks, and I’m sure it will be even better in the future!
So let’s commit to the end and learn as much as possible :wink:


Thank you for the support! :smiley:


Will the sales happen in this year too?


Probably :shushing_face: :laughing:

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