10k deck vs sentence mining?

hey guys, did anyone of you complete the 10k deck?

I’m thinking about restructuring my study routine. Right now I’m studying with the 10k deck , an exposure deck (words I pick up when immersing) , an sentence mining deck (created with subs2kitsun) and a katakana deck.

since there are alot of vocab in the 10k deck I already now from wanikani and since I have a feeling that reviewing it feels kinda “slow” I thought about quitting it and focusing more on my sentence mining deck. I kinda feel like the vocab I learn from sentences I pulled from shows stick better.

just wanted to know what kind of experiences you have with larger decks. also I’d like to hear your thoughts on 10k vs sentence mining in general ^^

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Could you just use the sentence layouts from 10k? I think the audio is great, and having a sentence is good even for words you already know (you can also filter them out).

But I am at like 25% of the deck and don’t have that much time, it will take ages for me to complete.

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that’s a pretty good idea, It’ll probably make the review process much quicker. thanks :grin: