10k bugged (or me dumb?)

Ok so I got the 10k - Kitsun Optimized deck (minor annoyance – cant go to its community page from deck itself) but anyway it doesn’t work properly. I hibernated all items with WK tag and get broken cards, notice how hitotsu appeared despite me disabling it. What do

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The deck has two templates, one for vocabulary and the other for sentence cards. On the card management page you can switch between the two templates and hibernate the sentence cards too if you want.

If you don’t want any sentence cards, it might be easier to just disable them through layout filtering in the deck settings.

As for the sentence cards looking a bit off, I think this is because all images were removed from the deck and it’s now become audio reviews, although the layouts do not really reflect that yet (the big empty space where the image used to be). This is something @hinekidori (deck author) might want to change later on :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, the layouts. Thanks, got it, now fixed … but not quite… I’ll try to write step by step

  1. Deleted and got deck again (= reinstalled)
  2. Hibernated WK items
  3. Set layout filtering to what I want
  4. set lessons to 20 and batch to 4
  5. Main page still gives me 5 lessons
  6. Do the lessons, it gives desired layouts (so original problem is fixed) but the batch is 5
  7. It gave me 4 items then the fifth leftover item
  8. Then main page said no more lessons for you today dummy
  9. Set to unlimited, get 5800 lessons, set off and get my 20 limit as desired
  10. what. why lesson limit no work before all this stuff
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I’m not completely sure, but I’d say it is worth checking out! Putting it on the list :slight_smile: