The very first POLL topic



Btw, 20 characters??? HOW DAREEEEEEEEEE :3


That must be the default, because Bunpro’s was like that at first too.


It’s one of the first things I’m going to change :stuck_out_tongue:


hello minnasan i’m new. i’m learning japanese because i love jp. great being here!!!


You might actually want to change your subdomain to not be community. Don’t want people to get it confused with the community decks…


So nice meeting youuuu, stranger :tomato:

Oh my gosh, I love JP too!
all kinds :eyes:


I can see where you’re coming from…
Time for the first poll!

What should the domain be?


There’s also the fact that when I type ‘com’ into my address bar a different website already comes up first… :wink:


That might also be a good thing :wink:

But regardless, I do think ‘community’ looks much better than ‘forums’ (sounds… outdated?)

starts searching for synonyms


Searching around I also found some using “discuss”, “discussions”, and “talk”.

Strictly speaking, I like “community” best. But I think you should go with “forums”.


I was trying to find something sort of clever like a term used to call a :fox_face:'s home but I don’t know about den :laughing:

Tried a group of foxes too but it’s not good either…
(Sidenote: A group of foxes is called a skulk! The More You Know :star2: :rainbow:)

Also tried another word for forums but “symposium” sounds so…extra :eyes:

So…yeah, looks like forums is the way to go, at least for now.


hahah :smiley: doesn’t sound bad actually?

I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue: just throwing some stuff out there hahah

Also… Isn’t the proper word ‘fora’ instead of ‘forums’? ^^


I am loving earning all these badges by the way :grin: need to get my radish on though

ahaha, and I just got another badge for editing this post :joy:


den… :thinking:

I love these the most! It has a relaxing vibe to it :blush:

Saaaaame! I did the advanced user tutorial just because of that :sweat_smile:


I think I like ‘’ the most as well… although I’m not sure if everyone would immediately get the idea behind theforest


I like the idea of “”. Gives the feel of something cozy.

In general, I feel like the should be a single word. “theforest” or “thewoods” look a little clumsy imo.

Just my two cents, though. :slight_smile:


I voted “other” since I’m pretty open to whatever, just as long as this’ll be linked via the main site x’D

Den sounds cute though! :slight_smile:


I think I prefer the ones that sound more like a place people / foxes would congregate :thinking: so to me ‘den’ just sounds like somewhere I’d go to curl up and fall asleep rather than chat to people.

I like the idea that you could say “welcome to the woods!” or something similar, haha ^^ but it doesn’t necessarily have to include ‘the’ in the url.


Looks like Community is still winning in the poll though!

So I guess we can narrow it down to:


Why is your little badge ‘wew-lads’? :joy: