The very first POLL topic


den… :thinking:

I love these the most! It has a relaxing vibe to it :blush:

Saaaaame! I did the advanced user tutorial just because of that :sweat_smile:


I think I like ‘’ the most as well… although I’m not sure if everyone would immediately get the idea behind theforest


I like the idea of “”. Gives the feel of something cozy.

In general, I feel like the should be a single word. “theforest” or “thewoods” look a little clumsy imo.

Just my two cents, though. :slight_smile:


I voted “other” since I’m pretty open to whatever, just as long as this’ll be linked via the main site x’D

Den sounds cute though! :slight_smile:


I think I prefer the ones that sound more like a place people / foxes would congregate :thinking: so to me ‘den’ just sounds like somewhere I’d go to curl up and fall asleep rather than chat to people.

I like the idea that you could say “welcome to the woods!” or something similar, haha ^^ but it doesn’t necessarily have to include ‘the’ in the url.


Looks like Community is still winning in the poll though!

So I guess we can narrow it down to:


Why is your little badge ‘wew-lads’? :joy:


… No comment :joy:


I see a leveling system coming…


Looks like we’re going for!

Hopefully I can change the url without too much hassle :stuck_out_tongue:


Plot twist: We didn’t go for it.


changing the url is quite a hassle with discourse :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t do it. It’s perfect the way it is xD


Wow I just got to the forums and I’ve already found the POLL thread \o/


Will @Whologist help this forum being less dead by posting polls?

  • cricket noises
  • tumbleweed passes through

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Ooh, 100% crickets. Clearly not a place where tumbleweed can be found.


We should hire the poll fam to invade us in here.


At least I’m not the top poster in this one :smiley:


Wouldn’t take much effort to claim it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I better stop posting then before I reach it :grimacing:
Oh wait…