Shift + Click Selecting Multiple Cards

Hey, all.

I expect I’m missing something very obvious, but…is there no functionality to Shift + Click and select multiple cards from the Manage Cards tab? I can select them all, but if I want to edit, say, 20 cards out of a deck, it seems I have to manually click each individual card.

I know the Search field can be used to winnow down the cards that appear, but it seems silly to have to use search terms to narrow down cards and then select “All” when most programs would allow Shift + Click to select multiple items.



You are correct, right now it works in the sense that you either narrow it down through search and select all cards at once (with the header checkbox), or select the cards manually.

I think what you are proposing would be a great addition to Kitsun and I’ll check if I can implement similar functionality soon. Putting it on the priority list! :smiley:


The latest update included this functionality :smiley: Hold shift and click on a card to select all cards above it (until it finds a previously selected card above it, or gets back to the very first card). Let me know if it works well or not ^^

Works great! Thanks!

The only-searching-upwards threw me for a bit of a loop: most programs – including the Windows/Mac OSes that people are probably familiar with – don’t search up to the top of the list, they just seek to join two points. That means you can mass-select by starting with the topmost item and then going to the bottom-most item (as you have it now), but you can also start with the bottom-most item and highlight an equivalent mass of items by moving to the topmost item. As it stands, starting with the bottom-most item and going to the top-most item creates a weird situation where the bottom-most item is selected, and then everything above and including the top-most item is selected; that behavior is probably not what most users will expect when using this functionality.

Nevertheless, that’s only a minor peeve, and what’s important is that the basics have been implemented: this will make card management much less painful.

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Yeah, I actually thought about implementing it in a similar way, but I felt like it would feel a bit off as they are checkboxes in a rather static table, rather than something like excel where you can select whole rows (and have a visual indicator of what you are selecting on hover).

I think the current implementation feels alright if you try it once or twice, but perhaps I can revise it later on :slight_smile:

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