Randomized Fonts

Hi, I appreciate the random font script for wanikani and wondering if there was anyway to do something similar here



Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I think this would be possible to do through a userscript as well. I’m not sure how I’d integrate it into Kitsun directly due to all the different layouts (and not knowing which part of the layout to change into a different font) and different languages one can study. I think a userscript would be better suited for this kinda feature as it can target specific layouts/decks directly.


This would have been my top feature request for several months now… :wink:

I realize it is difficult due to the many layouts, and I would be fine if I could just change the Japanese fonts in my own decks manually from time to time in an easy way without disrupting my reviews. I’m not comfortable with trying to write a user script, as I have never done that. I guess I can set (and then change from time to time) the font by appropriate CSS code in the styling bit of the layouts (I currently use the kitsun standard ones) and then just save the layout so that the new font gets applied? Is there a better or more convenient way? Any future features that simplify changing the font are greatly appreciated. :wink:


If somebody else is interested in this, there is a related post with more information (and more questions) here.