Newbie Question on Custom Cards

Hi Everyone, I’m trying to create my own cards for review and have what I’m guessing are some basic questions on card creation + review but I can’t find any answers. :thinking:

I’ve made some Japanese vocab cards that have both the Japanese --> Meaning and English --> Japanese layouts. I’ve only populated the meanings field and the vocabulary field on both. When the English --> Japanese layout comes up in my review I type the correct Japanese answer (as listed in the “vocabulary” field) but it’s being marked as incorrect. Any thoughts on what I should be doing instead?

Thank you!

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Hey @Eqj11! Welcome :smiley:

The English -> Japanese layout expects you to write the reading of the Vocabulary. So it expects you to fill in the Readings field with the hiragana form of the Vocabulary. This layout also incorporates the auto-conversion input from romaji to hiragana to make it easier for you to answer the card without having to switch to a different IME.

If you wish to question yourself on just the (Kanji) Vocabulary form, you can find information about how to set that up here:

Admittedly, the name of the layout does not make it very clear that it expects you to enter the reading rather than the actual kanji form of the vocabulary. I’ll alter the name a bit to make it more clear in the future :slight_smile:

Please do let me know if you need any further help!

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Thank you so much! This is perfect. I was able to add the readings to the cards and the review worked perfectly. :sunglasses: Thanks again!