Kitsun is launching on 1 December!

After nearly one and a half year the time is finally here:

I’d like to announce that Kitsun will launch on 1 December (if all goes according to plan).

I chose 1 December as the launch date as it would allow me to release the redesign before November then give me one month to focus on bugs and feedback from the redesign, and implement a payment processing system. Of course, if I can’t get it done on time I will postpone the launch, but for now this seems feasible.

The pricing will be as follow:

Per Month: $6.50
Per Year: $64.99 (2 months free)
Lifetime: $199.99

After launch I’d like to focus on the following:

  • Further streamline the getting started/deck creation process by implementing features such as automatically generated layouts based on your study subject.
  • (Offline) Apps for iOS and Android
  • Kitsun companion extension for browsers (lookup a highlighted word on any website and instantly create a card in Kitsun from it)

I’d also like to say thanks to all the wonderful people who’ve shown interest and tested Kitsun, your feedback, bug reports and general usage has been tremendously helpful! Kitsun wouldn’t be what it is without you all :slight_smile:


I’ll be there day one. You have created something truly great here. The combination of Wanikani, Kitsun and Bunpro is a dream come true. Looking forward to that Android mobile app.


Thank you very much! Glad you enjoy using Kitsun! :smile:

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Hello! :smiley: Will Kitsun support PayPal or at least single month payments (since some not real credit cards aka debit cards may not work w/ subscription payments)?

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Heya! PayPal will not be officially supported at launch. Kitsun will be using Adyen for the payment processing. Adyen supports quite some payment methods. Here is a list:

I have to manually toggle (and sometimes implement) the payment methods that I wish to allow, so if you see anything you would be able to use, please let me know :slight_smile:

If not, you can always email me at in order to set up a manual PayPal payment.

That said, I do wish to support PayPal payments at some point, so it’s definitely coming post-launch :smiley:


Thanks for the answer! They really have a lot of options. :sweat_smile:
The Sofort payment method would be nice, I guess. It’s a common online payment option for people in the EU who don’t have a credit card as they aren’t as common as in the US.
Though manual PayPal payment sounds fine, too.

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I’ve been using Kitsun for about a year and it’s been great. I wish to continue using it in the future, but those payment plans seem a bit high in my opinion. I was hoping for $4.50 or at the most $5 a month. At the moment I’m just using it with my own deck and $6.50 seems a bit high just for using that feature. Maybe having different payment options depending on the content we are using.

Anyway, just wanted to give some constructive criticism. Either way, good luck for the launch.


I presume you registered before 19-08-2018 then? :slight_smile: The prices for those people that registered before will be lower (following the info on the Kitsun’s post on the WK forums).

Per Month: $6.50 ($3.75 for anyone registered before 19-08-2018)
Per Year: $64.99 (2 months free) ($40.00 per year for anyone who registered before 19-08-2018)
Lifetime: $199.99 ($125.00 for anyone who registered before 19-08-2018)


Do you know if there a place to find out a user’s official date of registration?

Thought the 1 Dec date might have been marketing strategy for JLPT test-takers to squeeze in an early AM lesson review :laughing:. I hope Tofugu will give Kitsun a favorable review once released.


Unfortunately, no. Registered on October 9th 2018, so almost exactly a year ago. $6.50 is way too much for me to keep using this just for my own deck.

@s1212z - You can search “kitsun” in your e-mail and there should be the e-mail for when you registered (provided you didn’t delete it at the time).

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I was hoping through the user profile or something, unfortunately that email is gone.

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Thank you for the feedback, I’ve sent you a pm. Perhaps we can work something out :slight_smile:

Ill try to add it to the settings page sometime soon :smile: I’ll be able to check your registration date in a few days as I’m currently still on vacation.


Kitsun solves literally all my complaints with Anki, and it goes so well with WaniKani, KaniWani, and Bunpro. Well worth the price :smile: Looking forward to seeing the platform grow.


Ah dam, I registered 27th August 2018, so just shy of reduced membership fees :frowning:

I wanted to say something similar to Gabrie but I don’t only use my private deck. Mine is May 28th, ‘18. But I don’t remember my first login as my very first time using kitsun. I remember I paid $90 for BunPro lifetime that’s only available before certain time, I don’t really remember, I think May 2018, after that even though there’s winter sale, it’d never be lower that low again.


A little bit sad to see those pricing, as I’m using currently only one deck (not to mention from time to time guilty) and as a non $$ country 6,50$ is getting expensive.

But I’ll keep coming back and hope for growth of this site and maybe some discounts in the future :wink:


Sorry for the wait! Your account creation date is:

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What matters is the registration date, not 1st time signing up I believe :slight_smile: So all is good :ok_hand: