Hibernated cards still showing up in lessons?

Hi all. Sorry if this is a duplicate topic, but I couldn’t find anything similar in a quick search.

I’m brand new here, came over from WaniKani like a lot of you from the sounds of it. Just started using the Core 10K deck (Excellent work, Hinekidori!) I’ve figured out how to search by tag and Hibernate all the WK cards. The nice pawprint symbol shows up for each. Unfortunately when I go back to lessons, It’s all 一つ、二つ still.

Why are these still showing up? Am I doing something wrong?

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Hiya! It might be that you only hibernated one of the templates.

The 10k deck has two different “main” cards (using two different templates) per vocabulary. One set for the vocabulary itself, and one set for sentences containing the vocabulary.

You can change the template from the dropdown at the card management table, after which it should load the other set of cards. At that point you can hibernate those as well.

In case you don’t want to do certain layouts (each layout becomes a “sibling” card during lessons/reviews) or that whole set of sentence cards in general you can also decide to filter those layouts from the deck settings.

If that was not the issue then something else is going on. Please let me know if you need any help with this or if it is still unclear :smile:

Wow, thanks for the quick reply!

Oh boy, now I feel pretty stupid… that was exactly the issue, I only hibernated the cards in the “Vocab” set, not the “Sentences” set. Thanks for making that make sense.

So just to clarify - the “Vocab” set has 4 variations per card:
[1) Jp -> Eng meaning, 2) Jp -> Reading, 3) Jp Audio -> Eng Meaning, and 4) Eng Meaning -> Jp Meaning] which are all siblings.

While the “Sentence” set has only: 1) Jp Audio and 2) Jp Reading.

Am I correct in assuming that:
A) All siblings need to be answered correctly to level up the SRS? and
B) Cards in the “Sentence” set are considered siblings of cards in the “Vocabulary” set?
I’m just trying to figure out what exactly will be delayed when I select “Delay siblings”. Cheers!

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Haha no worries, it’s not very clear when just getting into Kitsun ^^

A) Yes, all siblings need to be answered correctly for it to rank up.

B) No, they are separate cards (with each card changing into two sibling cards during reviews). Each layout on a card forms a sibling, anything else is considered as separate.

Got it, thanks!

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