Feature requests <3

Been creating cards/decks here for nearly a year now and would love to put in my own take of what I feel would make the process a bit more convenient than it already is. Kitsun is already waaay better at flashcard-making than anything else I’ve tried before, at least based on my needs, but hopefully it’s open to improvement suggestions!

  • Audio generator from the Add a Card window (inside Cards Management)!! If I could only have one request this would be it! It’d be great if I didn’t have to go to the Dictionary to generate an audio. I know I can make a card from the Dictionary page itself, but that doesn’t offer indexing or previews, which I like to go through during the card creation process.

  • An “In Deck” label/banner for words searched through the dictionary that are already in a deck. Sometimes I forget I’ve already added them (too many words…)

  • A global search bar to look up words in all the user’s personal decks, not just from inside individual ones

  • This has been sung before, but: a more streamlined way to find/manage duplicate cards. I’ve been managing with sorting the cards “alphabetically” but that would still require me to go through each item

  • Column sorting that stays! If I leave the Card Management it goes back to whatever setting it has. Maybe a “Custom” options in the deck settings (instead of chronological, index, etc.)?

  • Double-clicking on the card’s row to open/edit the card instead of needing to find the pencil icon

Then a couple of ideas that are just for aesthetics and not really important:

  • A black/monochrome color theme! :slight_smile:

  • Option to set “Back” of card to show up during Lessons instead of the “Front.” This would give a more Lesson feel and would avoid confusing new users thinking that they’re already being quizzed on an un-studied word and wondering why they can’t type anything (since input field is disabled during lessons).

Thank you for considering these!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey, thanks for all the suggestions!

This is something I’d definitely like to add in the near future (along with for the custom dictionary flashcard flow) so it’s on the to-do list! :smiley:

Someone else recently also requested this but from a technical standpoint this is currently not possible due to the dynamic inner structure of Kitsun. They also mentioned keeping track of which cards get added through the dictionary tool so that you know you generated it before at least, but to me that kind of feels like it wouldn’t be very robust (e.g. when you delete a card from a deck it will still say it is in a deck, or that cards created without the dictionary tool won’t be registered and so on…)

Kind of the same situation here as I’m guessing you’re mostly hinting on matching a “main value” of a card (e.g. the vocabulary word itself). Technically speaking it would be possible to search cards throughout the whole system but it would probably be pretty heavy on the system as cards are not actually linked to your account (unless you made them yourself), so it would first need to look up all decks you are linked to, then search through all those cards for a match in any template field values.

Cross-deck it has the same problem, although it would definitely be possible to check this within a single deck (and per template) automatically when you open the cards management page.

I could make it remember your last sorting for sure! I’ll add it to the to-do list :smiley:

Initially I did not want add click-to-open as it would trigger upon dragging the table rows horizontally (which you can also do on desktop) but double clicking might just be the answer to that! Adding it to the list :smiley:

I love fooling around with new theme concepts so I’ll put it on the low prio to-do list and see what I can come up with :smiley:

Depending on the deck this might not work so well, but if it’s an individual deck setting it might work! We actually have the content ready for a tutorial widget (that also let’s you search through the knowledge base and such) that should guide new users through the website, so that might already solve the new user problem though :>

Thanks again for all the suggestions!

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Thank you for looking into these; I’m really glad few of them made it to the list and hopefully see them in the future :blush:

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